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Set Up Operator

April 08, 2013

in Production


Reports to: Section Coach or Team Leader

The set up operator is responsible to set up and operate assigned machinery and perform tasks in
a safe and productive manner. The set up person is responsible for the good functioning and
storage of tooling in the section. Safety, production, quality and housekeeping standards must be
met as set down in general policies and in section specific policies.


1.  Will perform major setups and must safely operate assigned machinery.
2.  Correctly enters production and scrap into the stock reporting system
3.  Ensures that tooling and equipment is in good and safe working order
4.  Meet or exceed set production targets where applicable
5.  Meet or improve on defined set up times
6.  Verifies counts on incoming and produced parts
7.  Report existing or potential machine problems to the Coach or Team Leader
8.  Observe all company rules regarding attendance, timekeeping, remaining at the workplace
and various policies as detailed in the handbook.
9.  Ensure that jobs set up are properly handed over to the operator
10. Perform Basic Maintenance functions on machines and tooling
11. Determines from the cell queue which jobs to pull and set up.
12. Ensures that machines sent to maintenance are properly tagged

Safety and Housekeeping

13. Must wear the correct PPE as specified and dress safely for the job.
14. Must ensure that the set up job is handed on to the operator in a safe condition.
15. Immediately reports any potentially unsafe conditions to the Coach or team leader
16. Use the specified materials handling equipment where applicable.
17. Keeps area, machines, tools and equipment clean, organized and clear of debris.
18. Ensures that machine safety protocols are all functional
19. Ensures that the tooling and equipment in the set up persons assigned section located and
stored in the best and neatest possible manner

Quality and Reliability

20. Perform periodic part inspections to ensure the product meets set specifications.
21. Performs a first off check when the part is set up and handed on
22. Report any quality concerns to the Coach or Team Leader.
23. Performs and records rework where applicable.
24. Periodically checks the quality of running jobs.

Skill Improvement

25. Will be trained to operate material moving machinery( including cranes, forklifts and other
applicable machinery)
26. May be trained in basic welding skills
27. Will be expected to be part of a set up and machine changeover team
28. Will be trained in data entry and floor control.
29. Will be trained to set up CNC machines where applicable

1.  Ability to correctly follow and give instructions.
2.  Ability to communicate with and work with other employees in an acceptable manner.
3.  Ability to manufacture good quality product at the set rate of output.
4.  Performs job tasks in a safe manner and use proper PPE
5.  Ability to maintain production rates to department standards.
6.  Adhere to company attendance rules.
7.  Must comply with plant rules and policies
8.  Ability to work consistently without constant supervision.
9.  Ability to correctly set up and run the product in the correct


1.  Must demonstrate a very strong mechanical aptitude. Applicants will be tested to
determine this.
2.  Possesses requisite math, writing, reading and communication skills.
3.  Must demonstrate proper use of various measuring devices after training.
4.  Data entry skills are an advantage.
5.  Ability and willingness to be cross trained into other positions.
6.  Must be well presented and have a good work ethic.
7.  Must understand how to work within set policies and procedures.
8.  Must be well organized.

Special Considerations

1. The job could involve lifting up to 30 pounds without mechanical assistance
2. 90 % of the time spent on the job will be standing or walking
3. There could be pushing and pulling of wire and solid baskets
4. Applicants must be tolerant of summer heat conditions in a factory
5. The wearing of prescribed PPE is mandatory

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