AP Exhaust Technologies

Products & Technologies

As a leading expert in the manufacturing and supplying of exhaust and emission products, here at AP Exhaust Technologies we strive to give our customers a wide variety of products that satisfies every need you may have.  We specialize in automotive and light truck products made with high quality manufacturing processes, ranging from mufflers to catalytic converters and cosmetic accessories.

Our emission products are made to meet the rising standards of environmental regulation agencies worldwide, minimizing the need to use multiple companies in order to satisfy your engine requirements. Whether you have gasoline-operated engines or the more extreme off road and industrial engines, AP has the right product for you. This variety extends into the larger scale products like school buses, local/long distance delivery trucks, and even agricultural products.

Your exhaust and emissions maintenance needs are taken care of through our specially designed product lines which maximize performance efficiency of new engines and help reduce the negative effects of older engines.  Our goal is to meet whatever desires you may have to improve and upgrade your exhaust system.