AP Exhaust Technologies

Muffler Manufacturing

AP engineers design mufflers using state-of-the-art SolidWorks 3-D modeling programs resulting in rapid prototype and production implementation.  Our design process and adaptive manufacturing technologies allow AP to bring to market new products faster in a multitude of muffler configurations.AP Exhaust Muffler Production Steel Coil to Complete Muffler

AP manufactures a vast array of mufflers designed for automotive, heavy duty and off-road vehicles.  Using either stainless or aluminized steel, AP offers customers muffler design options for virtually any application.  Our muffler assembly lines are design for maximum output providing enough capacity for any level of production requirement. 

Muffler dimensional cross sections range from 4” Round to 8.5”x11.5” Oval.  The design spectrum is unlimited within these dimensional ranges assuring that an effective sound and backpressure solution is matched to our customers’ specific exhaust system needs.

Within AP’s production factory sub-component parts are stamped and formed from raw material coils.  AP controls the entire manufacturing process from the smallest component to the most complicated assembly.  Our expertise in the entire process from start to finish is what enables AP to be a complete exhaust solution provider.